• ~ An advocate for results driven development, I direct productive groups who deliver high quality work on tight deadlines.
  • ~ A team builder & technical leader, I manage development of high-traffic web applications.
  • ~ I am passionate about working with creative individuals in collaborative environments, establishing dynamic processes that lead to innovative products.

"Thanks for all your help along the way, the project would NEVER have launched without you joining us when you did."  ––J.B., Principal Software Engineer


Discovered and Hired Each Of These Characters

Constant Contact Holiday Party, 2014


And most of these folks too...

Olana, Hudson NY, February 2019



  • ~ Built a diverse team of 12 engineers that exhibits consistent productivity, high morale and low turnover over a three year period.
  • ~ Introduced Agile processes to encourage a team-led, highly collaborative work environment with clear visibility on progress and predictable delivery dates.
  • ~ Managed the migration to a third-party email marketing platform. This involved the transfer of millions of data points, updated on a nightly basis as well as a highly-customized user experience for the internal marketing team. Project handled an average send volume of 10 million emails per hour.
  • ~ Managed the migration of customer support to a third-party platform. This system was included nightly and hourly data synchronization between Etsy’s internal system. Created a highly customized, and uniform support experience for both customers and agents supporting an average of 2,000 per day.
  • ~ Launched the infrastructure required to enable Chat and Inbound Phone Support, extending availability to full 24 hour/ 7 day access.
  • ~ Developed and managed multiple applications to address Etsy’s unique business, including an A/B Testing interface for email marketing analysis and a tool for consolidating the process of vetting Etsy shops and sellers for featuring in marketing and media.
  • ~ Regularly coordinated yearly development plans with executive stake holders and partner teams, communicating regular progress against KPIs each quarter


  • ~ Led the development & release of an entire rewrite of the company's main CRM app, with the team converting the code from Java to Ruby on Rails, simultaneous with a database overhaul from DB2 to an entirely new schema in MySQL
  • ~ Managed the migration of over 650,000 customers at regular intervals over a year and a half, each milestone marking an increase in customer data complexity and performance requirements
  • ~ Led a defect-reduction effort that marked a improvment from over 300 issues to a backlog of 34, with quality per release steadily improving
  • ~ Led the implementation of team-based Performance testing for Application Scaling and future Feature Development
  • ~ Instituted a Continuous Delivery Pipeline, reducing deployment overhead from 6 developers over 2 days down to 1 developer in 2 hours
  • ~Personally recruited and hired twenty engineers, building out a diverse, full-stack team. This including creating an Apprenticeship program designed to grow high-potential candidates into permanent employees. Developed conference talks & speaking opportunities for team members and public coding events.

"I want to give a ton of credit to the team for really focusing in on quality, defect prevention and maintenance. Looking at the incoming rate over the last 9 months tells a great story."  ––Senior Engineering Executive


  • ~ Create a culture of communication, collaboration and authenticty
  • ~ Maintain consistent work/life balance
  • ~ Connect work to overall company strategy and mission
  • ~ Personalize management approach and goals for each team member
  • ~ Constantly identify opportunities for individual development
  • ~ Implement team-driven processes, risk management strategies and proactive project management


  • ~ Constant Contact
  • ~ America's Test Kitchen/Cook's Illustrated
  • ~ BzzAgent
  • ~ Pearson Early Learning
  • ~ L.L. Bean
  • ~ Inc.com
  • ~ Smithsonian Institution
  • ~ National Academy of Sciences
  • ~ United States Coast Guard

Presenting at Live Coding Event - Ruby Conf, San Diego CA


  • ~ Experienced technical leadership is a scare commodity.
  • ~ Results begin with the right team and environment; culture doesn't happen on accident.
  • ~ My teams are known for their loyalty and enthusiasm; many developers have worked for me at multiple companies.
  • ~ I have discovered several high-potential junior developers. Maintaining a balance of experience keeps everyone growing & challenged

"Thank you for putting together this team, we make great things"  ––J.J., Principal Software Engineer

Etsy Team, 2016-2019

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  • Waterfall Hike, July 2018

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  • Ferry Ride to Offsite, May 2018

  • Kayak Adventures, June 2018

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  • Team Holiday Party, December 2018

  • Constant Contact -> Etsy

Contacts Team, 2013-2016

  • Pair Programming Night - Launch Academy, Boston MA

  • Pair Programming Night - Launch Academy, Boston MA

  • Pair Programming Night - Launch Academy, Boston MA

  • Prepping for Live Coding Event - Ruby Conf, San Diego CA

  • Team 5k, Salem MA

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